Iphigenia Tour Cast & Crew

The Rose Company's production of Lady Jane Lumley's 'Iphigenia' was first performed as a work in progress at The Minghella Theatre, Reading University, 9 July 2013. The show was directed by Emma Rucastle. The cast was as follows:

Agamemnon                Ruth Gregson

Senex/ Nuntio              Alison Findlay

Clytemnestra/Menelaus    Aliki Chapple

Iphigenia                            Madie Howard

Achilles                               Elle Lund

Chorus/ Lumley               Emma Rucastle

The production was then redeveloped for a national tour in November 2013- January 2014, playing at Lancaster Castle, Homerton College Cambridge University, University College London, The Kings Arms Theatre Salford, The New Continental Preston, and the Lantern Theatre Liverpool. Touring cast:

Agamemnon                              Ruth Gregson

Senex                                          Alison Findlay

Menelaus                                    Helen Katamba

Clytemnestra                             Aliki Chapple

Iphigenia                                    Catherine Bateman

Achilles                                       Elle Lund

Nuntio 1                                      Marian Cox

Nuntio 2                                      Christine Burn

Chorus                                        Christine Burn

                                 Marian Cox

                                 Beth Cortese 

                                 Eleanor Barton-Mather

Director                                       Emma Rucastle

Dramaturg                                  Alison Findlay

Producer                                     Ruth Gregson

Vocal Coach                               Marion Middleditch

Props and Costume                  Aliki Chapple

Graphic Design                          Harold Saxon

The music used in the production, the Seikilos Epitaph, is  the oldest known pieces of musical composition as we know it. Our version, performed live by the cast, has lyrics translated from the original Greek by Aliki Chapple:

While you live, Shine.
Shine, let in no sorrow.
So little is life.
An end is imposed by time.